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Available Dogs & Puppies for Adoption
We are on adopt a pet!
All Meetings & Adoptions require a approved adoption application.  
 The application is required to minimize stress on the animals and the fosters.  
The application link is on the Application page and right here:
We will happily answer any questions you may have at any time.

Dalmation mixed with bully and she is about 2 years old.  Female.  65lbs (a bit over weight).  She is crate and house trained.  She is a sweet heart, knows sit, down, shake, drop it.  She came to us after having been abandonded with her puppies in Detroit, the family who saved her and her babies kept her till they were 12 weeks old when they searched for a rescue to take in.  
Good with kids, cats and dogs.
She is scheduled to be fixed At the end of August (29th).  
Her vet care is up to date, she is on prevention for HW and fleas.
If interested her adoption fee is $85
**Photos to come**
BAMBI is good with other dogs, cats, kids, people.  Crate training, leash training, house trained, is vaccinated and microchipped and heartworm/flea prevention.   Off leash trained as well.
Adoption fee is $85 after fixed $50 prior
specialty vet to evaluate and fix her if possible in august!

       Johnny has been brain damaged since reported by surrendering family 2 months old.  He is sweet as can be, has a hard time determining depth, he is not aggressive with any thing at all, he walks a lot of circles till he is used to new surroundings, he loves all people, his vet care is up to date, he is still needing neutered.  Adoption fee is $75.  He is crate trained.  He is pee pad and house trained.  Leash manners are great.  13lb 1 year old male.

Rescued by Lori, Margo, and Patty: left abandonded by family: he is a bulldog mix about 60lbs, will be up for adoption 8/15/14 after neuter.  He is good with other dogs, kids, people, cats seem to be ok, house trained.
Fully vetted and microchipped.
Adoption fee is $85

Lab puppies: 1female 4 males
Mixed with unknown breed, will be about 50lbs.  Socialized with kids cats dogs, house training, crate training, vaccines started, microchipped, deworming started, HW and flea prevention started.
DOB: 6/12
Adoption fee $175
  Shepherd mixes with unknown, 4 females.
Socialized with kids cats dogs, house training, crate training, vaccines started, microchipped, deworming started, HW and flea prevention started.
DOB: 6/1
Adoption fee $175
 Rosie was surrendered by her owner.  Rosie is a lab whippit BULLY lab mutt mixed breed.  She is sweet and loves people, other dogs, and is good with kids as young as 2yrs old and cats.
Adoption fee is $85

Starly is a female staffordshire mix.  She is about 2 years old, full grown at 35lbs.  She had her ears cut really short and one is folded back permanently.  
She is on HW prevention, flea prevention, UTD on vaccines and scheduled to be fixed on 8/15/14.  
*If Starly continues to care for the orphan puppies we may push her spay date back by a few weeks.
If interested her adoption fee is $85
6 female puppies, all boarder collie, lab mixes.
They are 8 weeks old and available.
Vaccines will be up to date, deworming up to date, started on prevention.
4 still available
They will be fixed on 8/27-28-29.
Adoption fee is $175

  Shelby was found in Detroit on the streets by a dumpster trying to get food. A owner was never found. She was very scared, emaciated, wormy, no microchip, very very dirty, and heartworm positive.
After some vet care, a bath, and some attention: Shelby is sweet, loves to be loved, gaining weight, is fixed, shots up to date, microchipped, dewormed, and gathering donations for her heartworm treatment so she can be adopted!
Shelby is good with kids, cats, dogs, crate trained, leash trained, house manners are improving, she is learning to take treats nicely.
Her weight is 45-50lbs healthy, she is currently 15lbs underweight.
If you are interested in helping shelby please let us know, if you would like to foster her until her treatment or through her treatment or adopt her after treatment please let us know.
Adoption fee will be $85.

  Georgie, aka: Old lady; georgie was found on the side of the road in Detroit, she had been laying there for hours, assumed dumped. She has arthritis, cancerous tumors, fatty tumors, bad hips, deaf. On the good side, she is sweet as can be, walks well on a leash, is crate trained, is house trained, and loves everyone who wants to come pet her. She prefers to lay on the dog pillows as its very very hard to get on the couch for her.
She is fixed, but due to her age her vaccines cannot be done as it would be more harmful than good, our vet is doing blood panels.
She will be microchipped, dewormed, after vet decides it is ok to do so.
Age is estimated at 14+years old. She is 37lbs. Her breed is unknown and just a guess.
If interested in adoption her fee is donation only.  

  5 Bully rottweiler puppies: 3 females and 2 males.
They are aproximately 13weeks old. 
Fixed on 8/27/28/29
One female is already fixed.  Red socks with black body and white on chest.
all are Up to date on vaccines, deworming, started on HW prevention and flea prevention.  Rabies given at spay/neuter.  Microchipped.
One female Red face markings with red socks and black body with white on chest.
One female Black with white toes
One male black with white speckled chest
one male black with white back toes.
Fee is $200 includes all work done.
   Clemintine is looking for her home forever. She was surrendered by her breeder to us with her young puppies, she does not have the ability to care for them properly. she is good with kids and most other dogs, not cats, and she is house trained. weight full grown is about 60lbs. she is a weimeriner mix, probably lab or something similar. We take the best guess available with us and the vet. She is very energetic!. Wants to be with you. age is just under 1 year old. She has a lot of weight she needs to gain.  Once she has put on a fair amount of weight she can be spayed. Till then her shots, HW prevention, flea/tick prevention, and deworming and microchip have been done. She needs a family where she can be loved on and run like the wind.
FIXED 8/1/14
FEE IS $85

  Paisley is a beautiful Dogo mix with a faint brindle and white coat. Short hair. about 50lbs. female. sweet girl loves people. good with dogs, good with cats (does chase them from time to time). 
She is house trained, crate trained, leash training. 
She was found abandoned in Detroit by a rescue who does not currently have room for her. After no one claimed her as thier own they have diligently been seeking placement and found it with us, now we will be looking to find her forever home!
Vaccines up to date, microchipped, being treated for mild heartworm case.
FIXED 8/1/14

  Star wars puppies: Kelpie lab mixes.  Males and females.
boosters started; deworming started; parvo tested negative 7/23/14; antibiotics for 5 days for emaciation and worms; microchipped.  Adoption fee is $175.
Only 1 male left for adoption.  Both are black with white toes/tail/chest spots.
      Then this puppy (6months estimate). Also found as a stray is seeking his forever home. Sweet boy who loves Jim and is helping him learn to be a good boy. Crate training, house training, leash manners.  neutered. Pitbull/lab mix.
Adoption fee is $85 
If interested apply at or 7344745309
I am housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.
Best friend with Triumph, if adopted together fee is $150 for both!
Rottweiler mix female, 40lbs full grown, sweet girl, started on heartguard, flea prevention, shots started, deworming started, microchipped, she is good with other animals, does have interest in chasing cats, though has not harmed them, good with kids, is house trained and crate trained but doesnt like the crate, does resource guard as she was starved (fed in her crate alone to prevent issues).  She is due to go back in for heartworm testing #2 to confirm negative status.  
fixed 8/1/14
adopted by foster family!
     Hank: little blue eyed dogo bulldog mix male. 42lbs. 1.5yrs old. Altered on August 15th. Adoption fee will be $85. Good with dogs kids and cats. House trained, crate trained, learning leash manners though his arent too terrible. Basic obedience he does well with.
Up to date on all vet care, HW negative, on prevention (sentinel).
Hank was found tied with a log chain to a car park meter in down town detroit by Kim from DBC & Kelli from Bullies Angels.
Randy is a purebred sable gsd.  2 years old.  owner surrender due to unable to coexsist with current dog.  up to date on all vaccines, hw negative, on prevention for heartworm and fleas.
He is house trained, crate trained, great with all people and kids, he is not known with cats at this time.
he barks at other dogs, and does play rough with small dogs.  otherwise not yet tested with other dogs.
His teeth were all ground down, cannot be with other dogs unsupervised at all as a direct result as he cannot defend himself.  He cannot eat hard kibble, he has to eat soft food only.  He has exstensive dental work that will be done.
Adoption fee is $85

Marshall is a st bernard/collie smooth coat mix.  his dob: 2/14/14.  he is good with kids, cats, dogs.  he is still house training, is crate trained, up to date on all vaccines, deworming, hw prevention, flea prevention, fixed.
adoption fee is $200

Angel puppies: NOT YET AVAILABLE!!
these guys were rescued from a basement where they were born and "raised".  They came to us full of worms, malnurished, brink of death, dehydrated, emaciated, positive for coccidia.
Update will be posted once these guys are able to be vaccinated, fixed, and adopted out.
dob: 6/17/14
Thank you.
Spay/neuter on 8/27-28-29
Adoption fee with neuter/spay will be $200
*Female white was adopted.  Pending pick up.
*male beige and white adopted.

Bottle babies: NOT YET AVAILABLE!!
These guys came to us from under a home in detroit from another rescue.  One was tube fed, all were on medication for numerous parasites.
Now well on their way to healthy!  
Lots of checkups and deworming and vaccines prior to alteration to look forward to!
DOB: 7/1/14
Adoption fee with alteration: $200
$175 without

  Triumph: black lab pitbull mix, Jollys best friend!  Came to us from VDR as a transfer as they are housed with same foster and they are such a great pair together.
She is good with all people, crate trained, house trained, manners are working on daily with foster, fully vetted and fixed!
Her adoption fee is $85 

If adopted with Jolly the adoption fee is $150 for both!
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