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We are on adopt a pet!
All Meetings & Adoptions require a approved adoption application.  
 The application is required to minimize stress on the animals and the fosters.  
The application link is on the Application page and right here:
We will happily answer any questions you may have at any time.

Pitbull female rescued from abandonment on streets. She is very sweet and loving, crate and house trained. she is good with cats, kids, people, and dogs. Adoption fee for Karinna is $85. Fixed and fully vetted.                                   
BAMBI is good with other dogs, cats, kids, people.  Crate training, leash training, house trained, is vaccinated and microchipped and heartworm/flea prevention.   bambi cannot be fixed due to a stage 3/4 heart murmur.  she may not have a long life due to this.

Bambis is pending family meeting monday 7/28/14

Helen is a sweet, somewhat shy, but very loving girl who came to us as a stray found near our head foster's home. The fur on her back was sunbleached, her ears had been bitten bloody and raw by flies, and she bore a mark around her neck consistent with having been chained for a long period of time. After a hold period in case an owner was found, we began the process of teaching Helen that life is not to be feared, but can actually be a lot of fun. She has been catching on very quickly, with the help of the other dogs at our head foster's home leading by example, and is now ready to continue her journey by finding her furever home.

Helen loves other dogs, and would do best in a home with another dog to continue leading her out of her shell by showing her how fun life is. She is playful and very sweet, loves to cuddle, and loves playing outside. Because she is still somewhat shy and will probably always retain some shyness, we think she would do best in a home with older kids (13+) who are typically quieter and less intimidating than younger kids can be to a dog like her.

Helen is spayed, crate trained, housebroken, UTD on routine vaccines, and microchipped. We estimate her age to be between 2 and 3 years old.

    Vigilante Dog Rescue 

Angel...her name fits her so well. Angel came to us when a friend of Vigilante opened his door on a freezing winter morning after an overnight snowstorm and found her curled up on a blanket he had left outside. She was emaciated, frostbitten, had a wound on her back, and yet still managed to give our director the darling smile that has become her trademark. Angel is a very special dog, one of those that never leaves your heart once she enters it in her quick and sweet way.

At around 8 or 9 years old, Angel is an older adult but still has so much love, joy, and happiness left to give. She had a very rough start to her life, and lived in desperation on the streets for a long time, but you'd never know she'd once been unwanted and unloved looking at her today. It takes a special person to welcome an older girl like Angel into their home and heart, but we can promise that if you give Angel a chance, you will never regret it. She truly is an incredible dog.

Angel is spayed, housebroken, crate trained, UTD on routine vaccines, and will be microchipped prior to adoption.
Vigilante Dog Rescue
 Rosie was surrendered by her owner.  Rosie is a lab whippit mutt mixed breed.  She is sweet and loves people, other dogs, and is good with kids as young as 2yrs old and cats.
pending meeting a family on monday 7/28/14

  Shelby was found in Detroit on the streets by a dumpster trying to get food. A owner was never found. She was very scared, emaciated, wormy, no microchip, very very dirty, and heartworm positive.
After some vet care, a bath, and some attention: Shelby is sweet, loves to be loved, gaining weight, is fixed, shots up to date, microchipped, dewormed, and gathering donations for her heartworm treatment so she can be adopted!
Shelby is good with kids, cats, dogs, crate trained, leash trained, house manners are improving, she is learning to take treats nicely.
Her weight is 45-50lbs healthy, she is currently 15lbs underweight.
If you are interested in helping shelby please let us know, if you would like to foster her until her treatment or through her treatment or adopt her after treatment please let us know.
Adoption fee will be $85.

  Georgie, aka: Old lady; georgie was found on the side of the road in Detroit, she had been laying there for hours, assumed dumped. She has arthritis, cancerous tumors, fatty tumors, bad hips, deaf. On the good side, she is sweet as can be, walks well on a leash, is crate trained, is house trained, and loves everyone who wants to come pet her. She prefers to lay on the dog pillows as its very very hard to get on the couch for her.
She is fixed, but due to her age her vaccines cannot be done as it would be more harmful than good, our vet is doing blood panels.
She will be microchipped, dewormed, after vet decides it is ok to do so.
Age is estimated at 14+years old. She is 37lbs. Her breed is unknown and just a guess.
If interested in adoption her fee is donation only.  

SHEEBA!!  Mastiff/cane corso mix; 10 months old; female; brown with black muzzle, huge!  
This girl has survived hell and back, at 10 months old she has had her throat slashed deeply! Survived a near death illness, and has come back to learn how to trust and love people still! Amazing girl.
She is scheduled to get fixed.
Does well with other adult dogs. Is vaccinated, microchipped, and scheduled to be spayed. Does at this time ignore cats as she seems fearful of them.
Is afraid of people with hats on, but learning that they are ok.
working on leash manners as a typical untrained puppy she has none. Is house and crate training wonderfully!
Loves to eat, she is a big girl though, mastiff mix. Lot of growing left to do.
Adoption fee is $85

  Black male with white chest and toes, 5.5 months old, male, shots restarted, deworming started, microchipped, crate training, house training, good with kids, dogs, cats, does get fed in a crate only as he was obviously starved and has resource guarding he is learning to stop, leash manners improving daily, overall great pup!
Adoption fee is $75, he is scheduled to be fixed, after he is fixed new adoption fee will be posted.
He is 18lbs currently.  Lab bulldog or pitbull mix best guess.
   Clemintine is looking for her home forever. She was surrendered by her breeder to us with her young puppies, she does not have the ability to care for them properly. she is good with kids and most other dogs, not cats, and she is house trained. weight full grown is about 60lbs. she is a weimeriner mix, probably lab or something similar. We take the best guess available with us and the vet. She is very energetic!. Wants to be with you. age is just under 1 year old. She has a lot of weight she needs to gain.  Once she has put on a fair amount of weight she can be spayed. Till then her shots, HW prevention, flea/tick prevention, and deworming and microchip have been done. She needs a family where she can be loved on and run like the wind.
Her adoption fee is $75 with 25 spay deposit

  Paisley is a beautiful Dogo mix with a faint brindle and white coat. Short hair. about 50lbs. female. sweet girl loves people. good with dogs, good with cats (does chase them from time to time). 
She is house trained, crate trained, leash training. 
She was found abandoned in Detroit by a rescue who does not currently have room for her. After no one claimed her as thier own they have diligently been seeking placement and found it with us, now we will be looking to find her forever home!
Vaccines up to date, microchipped, being treated for mild heartworm case.
Adoption fee prior to spay is $75

  Goliath: great dane/shepherd mix male; DOB 4/15/14 estimated; good with kids; LARGE; good with other dogs and cats; crate trained; partially house trained; boosters started; deworming started; microchipped; HW prevention started; flea prevention started.  Adoption fee is $125
      Meet Ginger! Roughly two and a half years old, Ginger had a cruel and brutal start to life- used for breeding and as bait to train other dogs to fight, her scars tell a story that makes us glad she can't talk, as it would surely leave us forever heartbroken to hear the tale of the cruelty she suffered, written so clearly in the scars she carries with her. Luckily, Ginger found her way onto the right street at the right time- and right into our director's car!

Ginger has thrived on the love, attention, and great medical care she has received with Vigilante, and has worked through her past to become a wonderful, loving, happy and healthy girl. We prefer she go to an only-pet household at this time, or if an applicant has another dog, we do require they have extensive breed experience and be willing to make a slow transition. She loooooves to cuddle and play with any toy you give her, from ropes to stuffed snakes, and believes her place in life is in the warmest lap she can find!

Ginger is up to date on routine vaccines, spayed, parasite-free, and fully healed from her wounds. She does, and always will, bear the scars from her past, including missing a piece of one ear, so potential adopters should be aware of and prepared for seeing those scars without passing judgement on her- and prepared for dealing with any judgement others may pass against her.

Vigilante Dog Rescue
  Star wars puppies: Kelpie lab mixes.  Males and females.
boosters started; deworming started; parvo tested negative 7/23/14; antibiotics for 5 days for emaciation and worms; microchipped.  Adoption fee is $175.
      Then this puppy (6months estimate). Also found as a stray is seeking his forever home. Sweet boy who loves Jim and is helping him learn to be a good boy. Crate training, house training, leash manners.  neutered. Pitbull/lab mix.
Adoption fee is $85 
If interested apply at or 7344745309
I am housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.
Rottweiler mix female, 40lbs full grown, sweet girl, started on heartguard, flea prevention, shots started, deworming started, microchipped, she is good with other animals, does have interest in chasing cats, though has not harmed them, good with kids, is house trained and crate trained but doesnt like the crate, does resource guard as she was starved (fed in her crate alone to prevent issues).  She is due to go back in for heartworm testing #2 to confirm negative status.  
Her adoption fee is $75.

Scheduled for spay, after spay fee will be updated to include.
  Mastiff/hound mixes.  They are about 5.5 months old.  Crate trained, good with kids, cats, dogs.  They are LARGE!  Male is 40lbs already and female is 30lbs.  Both are leash training, house training.  They are lovers all the way!  Big goofy babies that love to play in the dirt.  
They have restarted vet care (shots), deworming, microchipped, heartguard started, flea prevention started.
They are not graceful and do follow their noses.  Not fence jumpers at this time.
Adoption fee is $75, after they are fixed the adoption fee will be updated to include this alteration.

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